Inside the opulent Miami lifestyle of the great Messi, his £8.6 million mansion, and his delectable dinners at the £1k Gekko eatery

Now that Lionel Messi is settled in, he is enjoying the wonderful lifestyle that Miami has to offer.

The 36-year-old Inter Miami player has become Major League Soccer’s (MLS) biggest attraction, bringing an all-star crowd to his matches.


Lionel Messi has been visiting hip places like Gekko and Miami Beach since he joined Major League Soccer, and he has now established a home.


Messi has found himself a stunning home in Fort LauderdaleCredit: The Mega Agency


mates David Beckham and Sergio Busquets joined Messi at the trendy Gekko restaurant for a fine dining experience.We should give Instagram credit for the photo.

He is, of course, trying to live the same kind of lifestyle as an A-list celebrity.

At a cost of 8.6 million pounds, his stunning Fort Lauderdale property is the most lavish purchase he has made to date.

This opulent property boasts its very own boat dock, eight bedrooms, nine and a half baths, a garage that can accommodate three cars, and a swimming pool.

With his present family consisting of his wife Antonella Roccuzzo and their three children Mateo, Thiago, and Ciro, it’s the perfect place for him to raise his family.

For 8.6 million pounds, Messi and Antonela purchase a Fort Lauderdale home with boat docks.

Messi, on the other hand, is utilizing the costly décor to make the most of his new surroundings, even outside of those walls.

He’s dining at the best places right now, his favorite being Gekko, a well-known Miami restaurant.

But because Messi and his family have been besieged by fans who want autographs and insist on taking pictures, the weekly shop has proven to be difficult.

Eating in restaurants

Messi is already taking advantage of Miami’s great food and attractions.

It appears that the trendy Gekko—a Japanese-inspired steakhouse and club—is his preferred hangout.

With its sushi, one-thousand-pound steaks, and unique cocktails, it’s the place to be seen in The Magic City.

Who brought Messi to the restaurant for the first time is evident.

The owner of Inter Miami asked the Argentine when he arrived in Miami to have dinner with former Barcelona teammate Sergio Busquets at a nearby eatery.

Even the three of them made the decision to share a photo of themselves on Instagram with a big smile.

Their spouses, Victoria and Antonella Beckham, joined them at the celebrations that followed Messi’s arrival.


The type of food they ate was never mentioned.

However, the eatery serves a wide range of mouthwatering dishes, such as filet mignon marinated in olive oil, iced oysters served with watermelon granita, and more.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria, and Bryan Cranston have all been spotted dining there at different points, indicating that it has almost become a haven for them.

Wag Antonella had the opportunity to attend yesterday night’s festivities with her girlfriends.


Antonella was seen having fun with Victoria Beckham and her close pals a month ago.

She was spotted with Victoria Beckham at the fashionable haunt Papi Steak earlier this month.

Other Wags, Elena Galera and Andrea Rajacic, who are Thierry Henry and Sergio Busquets’ respective partners, joined them.

Miami Beach’s mainstay

Messi and his family loved a particular pasta restaurant in Miami Beach, where they spent one of Messi’s first dates.

They headed to Cafe Prima Pasta, where the most expensive dish, seafood linguini, costs $26.95 (£22). Dishes start at $19.95 (£16). Overall, the pricing are not too bad.

From cheesecake to tiramisu and all in between, the youngsters would have adored sampling every variety of ice cream and pastry that was available.

One of the owner’s sons was perched atop a drum set in the background of the photo, which was arranged by Gerard Cea, who also made sure Messi posed for it.

A throng of waiting supporters surrounded Lionel Messi as soon as he tried to quietly go through the rear entrance.


Messi took his family to Miami Beach staple Cafe Prima Pasta and posed for a photo with owner Gerard CeaCredit: INSTAGRAM


Pasta dishes like this seafood linguini are Cafe Prima Pasta’s speciality


When Messi and his family left the restaurant, fans swarmed around them and mobbed them.

He paused in order to take souvenir photographs, and a fan went so far as to lay a kiss on Lionel Messi’s cheek.

For his part, the famed No. 10 appeared to be feeling a little self-conscious about all of the attention.

Antonella was also questioned by reporters as she exited the restaurant, but she merely smiled at them as she led their sons to their vehicle instead of answering their questions.

Sand, water, and sunshine

Messi spent a few days off with his wife Antonella before his presentation, which took place during a rainstorm.

They behaved in a manner consistent with that of a typical couple in their opulent new environment.

The happy couple was seen strolling along the beach hand in hand while enjoying some quality time together.

Mrs. Messi posted a picture to Instagram showing her husband and son strolling along the beautiful white sand.


South Beach, which is known all over the world, is a popular destination for vacationers and people who want to soak up the sun.Image courtesy of Getty

On a Miami beach, onlookers spotted Wag Antonella and Lionel Messi strolling together hand in hand.Instagram must be thanked for the image.

There was a feeling of love in the air between Messi and Antonella, and Antonella referred to her new surroundings as “Paradise.”

She captioned the shot with the word “Paraiso,” which, when translated into English, means “Paradise.”

That is something that can’t be debated.

Home is where the heart is; the proverb goes.

The incredible real estate portfolio that Messi already possesses in Miami is valued at £15 million.

This comprises an incredible apartment with 4,400 square feet of living space in the prestigious Porsche Design skyscraper, the entirety of the ninth floor of the Regalia Tower on Collins Avenue, and TWO premium flats in the Trump Royale skyscraper, which is located nearby.

And with the construction of his breathtaking new estate in Fort Lauderdale, he’s only added to it more.

According to Forbes, it has a total area of 10,500 square feet, eight bedrooms, nine and a half baths, a three-car garage, and a pool. In addition, there are nine and a half bathrooms.

In addition to that, there is a spa, a workout area, and TWO boat docks.

It is estimated that the annual property taxes will come to something in the neighborhood of £67,000 for the home.


Messi splashed £8.6m on his seafront property Credit: The Mega Agency


The property boasts lavish and stylish interiors Credit: Lori Morris Design by Brandon Barre


Stunning views surround the epic mansion Messi has now bought Credit: Lori Morris Design by Brandon Barre


The Porsche Design Tower is equipped with a lift that transports automobiles to the various floors where homeowners’ homes are located.Image courtesy of Getty

The exterior of the home is stunning, and the interior lives up to its reputation.

One of the rooms features a model of a sheep, which, in my opinion, ought to be replaced with an image of a goat since the rest of the decor is so distinctive.

Messi will be able to take pleasure in the scenery outside while basking in the abundant natural light that floods the home through the big windows.

Additionally, “bespoke finishes that speak to the highest standards of luxury design” have been applied to the walls and floors.

Inventories taken from stores

As part of his adjustment to life in the United States, Messi has started going grocery shopping.

In the month of July, he was observed at a Publix in South Florida stocking up his shopping cart with various items.

A cursory inspection of the contents of his shopping cart revealed that he was a huge fan of breakfast cereals.

When it comes to having breakfast at home, Messi and his family are just like the rest of us, as seen by their consumption of General Mills’ Lucky Charms and Kellogg’s’ Fruit Loops.

A fan favorite from Love Island has announced a significant new career transition away from reality television.


Messi was spotted shopping in US supermarket chain Publix in South Florida Credit: INSTAGRAM


Fans approached Messi who obliged with photographs Credit: INSTAGRAM

In light of the fact that he is still widely recognized across the city, he took the time to pose for several photographs with his devoted following.

It’s all in a day’s work for the most famous football player in the world.

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